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Psychologists: School Psychologists: A Professional Description

School psychologists observe, test and evaluate students struggling with academic, developmental, social, emotional and behavioral challenges—with the goal of determining and implementing the best strategies for improving learning.

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What role can psychologists/speech therapists/tutors play in a school setting?

Some schools have consulting specialists on staff, or use the services of their local Intermediate Unit. Outside specialists may be invited in as consultants after they have observed or evaluated a child. These professionals should maintain regular communication with teachers while providing therapies or tutorial services to students.

What happens after the student sees the specialist?

Many schools employ learning specialists or academic support staff who work closely with professionals outside of the school setting. Critical information about students can be provided through detailed evaluation reports, and is generally supplemented by school conferences involving specialists, parents, and key school staff. Most schools do their best to follow the recommendations of these specialists, thereby helping students to meet with success.