SOS coordinates and sponsors four to five professional development programs a year in area schools. These programs cover a variety of topics of interest and benefit to professionals who work with children and families both in and outside of school settings. All presentations are free of charge to SOS members. APA-approved continuing education credits and Act 48 education credits are available for a fee.

Below is a listing of some of our programs.

Program Name Program Information

Adolescent Sexuality: Teens & Sex & What's Happening in Our Schools

Personality Testing

The Grieving School Aged Child

Ethical Myths and Mysteries

Social Media from the Perspective of Child and Early Adolescent Development

A Close-Up Look at Transgender Issues

Ethical Dilemmas of School Professionals Regarding Child Abuse

Substance use in high school: Tip of the iceberg, rite of passage, or something else?

WHAT’S NEW IN TESTING – The WISC-V, Woodcock-Johnson IV, and K-TEA-III

Ethical Issues in the Schools

How Can Imagination-Based Minfulness Activities Help Children and Teens Reduce Anxiety, Manage Emotions, Stay Calm and Connect with Others? – A Strength-Based Approach to Autism

Legal Issues Related to Appropriate Instruction of Students with Specific Learning Disabilities

OUR CHILDREN FIRST – Helping parents focus on their children as their families are being restructured

The Power of Play through the Lifespan: Strengthening Relationships and Building Resilience

Working with Parents of Children with Chronic Illnesses or Conditions

Creating an Inner Coach Stronger than the Inner Critic

What's the right thing to do? An approach to ethical decision-making integrating Mussar and Mindfulness with a systems perspective

Unlocking Learning through Technology: Cutting Edge Applications of Assistive Technology for the LD Student

Bipolar Disorder or Severe Mood Dysregulation in Children- A Controversy

Enhancing the Dialogue Between Evaluators and School Staff