SOS Membership

Why join?

Specialists of Schools provides members with opportunities for sharing information about professional activities, exchanging ideas and experiences, learning new methods and approaches from experts and colleagues in different fields, and collaborating to create models for the optimal learning environment.


Professional workshops and meetings offer:

  • A wide variety of programs on child education and learning.
  • Opportunities to meet informally and network with other members.
  • A range of meeting locations and times.
  • Possibilities to host a meeting at your work site and share information with other members.


Membership directory:

Updated yearly, the SOS directory includes contact information for current members and a listing by specialty.


Joining is simple.

Sign up online now or download our membership application to submit by mail or in person.  Existing members can also renew their memberships online by signing into the site.

Benefits of Membership

With more than 200 members in local schools and professional practices, SOS continues to be an important resource for those who work with preschool, elementary, middle and high school children in the greater Philadelphia area. SOS provides formal and informal opportunities to network with other professionals, and to share information about the many things we do within and across specialties to make each child’s learning experience successful. These are some of the benefits of SOS membership:
  • Program and networking meetings are held four or five times per year. These meetings are free to members, and include presentations on topics of professional interest. Networking is encouraged at all meetings.
  • ACT 48 and APA-approved continuing education credits (CEUs) are available for attendees at presentations.
  • The SOS Membership Directory includes names and areas of specialization, enabling members to contact each other easily. Members are listed alphabetically and by specialty. The directory is a useful tool when trying to identify resources or make referrals. It is updated annually, is mailed to all members, and is published on our website.
  • The SOS Listserv is a popular forum for sharing general news and information on upcoming events. It is also a convenient medium for contacting other members with questions and referrals.